Tagias API

The API makes it easy for you to submit image annotation tasks, receive image annotation results, and control your expenses. The API is implemented as a small set of REST methods, so you can call them from whatever programming language or environment you're using. You can use the tagias-node npm package directly in your Node.js projects, or if you're using Python, you can install the tagias-python package without the complexity of composing proper HTTP requests manually.

Once you register using your Google account, you'll automatically get $3 on your balance that you can spend according to our price list. It will takes only 10 minutes to set the task.
Request body for the bounding boxes annotations:
    "name": "Dogs in boxes 1",
    "type": "BoundingBoxes",
    "descr": "Enclose each dog in a separate box. Do not cut off any part of a dog. Do not mark toy or drawn dogs or other animals",
    "callback": "https://...",
    "baseurl": "https://p.tagias.com/samples/",
When images labeling is over, the resulting JSON object is delivered to you using the callback URL specified for each package.
JSON response for bounding boxes annotation:
  "id": "4e9add40-b219-11ea-a171-89a57f8e9584",
    "finished": "2020-10-19T11:02:27.840Z",
    "baseurl": "https://p.tagias.com/samples/",
    "pictures": [{
            "name": "dog.8001.jpg",
            "result": [{
                    "id": "ezy6ut8z-BEQvif9hloBK",
                    "type": "BoundingBoxes",
                    "x": 896.6671469740647,
                    "y": 513.4740634005746,
                    "width": 842.9256484149853,
                    "height": 1912.108357348705