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to collect data
for your project

Develop your AI application and acquire new customers

Tell us your needs based on the requirements of your computer vision application. The public datasets may not be specific enough to meet your needs. With us, you don't have to rely only on the data that you can find. You can get any dataset you need.

Get your custom image dataset

You decide what the quality is. Images can be taken with professional cameras or ordinary smartphones.
Range of environments: one angle or 360° rotations, close or long distance, indoor or outdoor, one object in the image, or many.
We can collect a small dataset for you or regularly deliver thousands of images based on your needs.
You can choose the pace of work, image format, dataset delivery methods, etc. Together we will work out a convenient service model for you.
Furniture dataset

Prepare your dataset

Our workflow allows us to collect all the necessary information during the dataset collection process to prepare the data for training your AI application.
We can provide you with the highest quality image annotation services.
Our fully managed data preparation service guarantees prompt, high-quality training datasets, that will allow you to effectively train the algorithms of your computer vision/visual search application.
Client Testimonials
Mehdi Mohseni
CEO and Founder at CellarEye, PhD
I am very happy with the quality of the annotations delivered by the Tagias team. Our object annotation task was pretty complicated. However, we were able to efficiently communicate the requirements with the project manager, and with very few iterations, the team was able to deliver annotations to meet and exceed our expectations. Highly recommended.
Alexey Grigorev
Principal Data Scientist at OLX Group
Tagias helped me collect an open image dataset of clothes. We collected over 5,000 images, 60% of which (3,000) were contributed by Tagias. The Tagias team took the pictures, and I didn't need to worry about copyright violations. The internal validation process was helpful: only a couple of images weren't suitable.
Our workforce literally goes out and takes the pictures according to your requirements
We double-check each image to meet your requirements. We'd rather delete and take another picture than send you low-quality data.
You can be confident in the quality of your data. We will replace any image that does not match your requirements.

Quality control


Datasets license

5.2. ... also grants to the Customer a non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual license for their use, for commercial or non-commercial purposes excluding the right to distribute and/or transfer collected data to third parties.