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Visual Search

Visual Search

Every day, visual search engines make heavy use of AI and machine learning to
better perform image searches.

Use cases
Shopping applications
Automotive driving
Face recognition

Security and Safety

The combination of AI and CCTV can improve security, safety,
and access control
system effectiveness.

Use cases
Surveillance systems
Safety control
Face detection

Retail and Commerce

Data training solutions in retail make a better
customer experience.

Use cases
Shelves optimization
Customer behavior
Items' labels


AI algorithms for enhancing agricultural and farming
AI projects.

Use cases
Crop management
Seasonal forecasting
Disease detecton


AI technologies make efforts to clean up our planet
more effectively.
Use cases
Waste sorting
Marine litter
Litter detection
Use cases


AI technologies allow to create intelligent driving systems
Autonomous driving
Traffic sign detection
Pedestrian detection
Driver attentiveness detection
Venicle detection
Use cases


AI changes the way of production, revolutionizing manufacturing process by automated solutions
Vision-guided robots
Defect reduction
Reading text and barcodes

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Client Testimonials
Mehdi Mohseni
CEO and Founder at CellarEye, PhD
I am very happy with the quality of the annotations delivered by the Tagias team. Our object annotation task was pretty complicated. However, we were able to efficiently communicate the requirements with the project manager, and with very few iterations, the team was able to deliver annotations to meet and exceed our expectations. Highly recommended.
Alexey Grigorev
Lead Data Scientist at OLX Group
Tagias helped me collect an open image dataset of clothes. We collected over 5,000 images, 60% of which (3,000) were contributed by Tagias. The Tagias team took the pictures, and I didn't need to worry about copyright violations. The internal validation process was helpful: only a couple of images weren't suitable.