About Tagias

Who we are
Tagias is a data preparation and sourcing service, provided by Tagias Inc, a San Francisco based company, for your computer vision applications. We label image data and collect datasets if you don't have your own. Our responsibility is to ensure that you always have training data to develop your application and expand your business.


High Quality
Trust us to prepare your data, so you can focus on more critical tasks, new customers, and your computer vision application development.

Why choose Tagias?

Any Complexity
You can set a task of any complexity, and we will quickly complete it following your quality standards.
We are interested in the prompt completion of the project. You always know what you are paying for — no doubts or worries.
Secure your future
You have full rights to perpetual use of the datasets for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Our services

We carry out image annotation tasks of any complexity, thanks to a fully managed process, a professional team, and flexible tools of our own design.

Image annotation

We collect any image dataset you need according to all your requirements, and you receive all legal rights to it.

Data collection

Tagias team